HVT X S14 Stories
November 16, 2018

A Canvas of White

For many, winter is a time to hunker down and stay inside. Sure it can be nice to sit by a wood stove or fireplace while the snow falls outside and transforms the landscape into something new and otherworldly. But for me, winter is a time to explore and be outdoors. I climb mountains, ride my snowboard, and take in the beauty that Mother Nature provides.

The land becomes a canvas of white, marked by the tracks of what has been there before us, and splashed with winter light, a palette of pink, purple, blue, and
gold among others. The alpine glow of the mountains, the snow-covered trees, the
stars that shine brightly in the crisp cold air of a clear winter night—all of this can only be experienced if you leave that warm hearth behind and make real contact with the cold and snow. Winter is my favorite season and I encourage everyone to get outside to experience it. The hearth will be there when you get back and you’ll have some new adventures to share fireside.

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