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The Soda Plant Grand Opening!

Saturday, March 9th 2019

Time to celebrate!

The new Soda Plant has been quietly getting settled with all the new makers, artists, and businesses and it is time to officially celebrate!

Join them and explore everything the Soda Plant has to offer from drinks, foods, and flavors to artisans and makers

Live music by Mal Maïz for the evening with cocktails, wine, cider, beverages and food supplied by our own Soda Plant friends, prizes to be won and a spring break feel to get everyone ready for the end of winter.

Soda Plant locations to explore:
CO Cellars – Complex Heritage Ciders (Shacksbury) & Natural Farmed and Fermented Wine (ZAFA Wines)

Alice & the Magician-Cocktails, Aromatics, and Flavors featuring Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits

Tomgirl Juice Co. -Fresh and healthy ingredient driven juice and food

Brio Coffeeworks-Coffee roasters, artisan coffee makers, suppliers of amazing coffee beverages

Pitchfork Farm-Vegetables, pickles, and fermented treats harvested at the Intervale

Jennifer Kahn Jewelry– hand crafted jewelry for the modern bohemian

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery– venue for showing, viewing, and making artwork by the public in Vermont and beyond

Conant Metal & Light-Designers and creators of custom lighting and decorative metalwork

Soapbox Arts – Contemporary art gallery hosting rotating exhibitions of local and nationally recognized emerging artists

Montstream Studio-Landscape artists studio in oils and watercolors

Rackk & Ruin Jewelry and Vintage– Jewelry inspired by mixed metals and vintage elements

Thirty-odd– A collection of curated artisan creations

Salsalina– Latin dance studio

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