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The Jason Spooner Band

Join Hotel Vermont as we welcome The Jason Spooner Band of Portland, Maine for an evening of live music on the Brick Terrace. Grab a drink and a snack as the band play from 6 pm – 9 pm on Friday, August 27, 2021.

About the Artist:

The Jason Spooner Band combines the musical talents of Jason Spooner on guitar & vocals, Adam Frederick on bass & vocals, Warren Mcpherson on keyboards & vocals, and Dan Boyden on drums & percussion.

“The quartet stands out with an interesting signature sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences…seamlessly blending a wide variety of musical influences into a cohesive, energetic and listenable experience. Roots rock, Americana, blues, folk, and groove-oriented jazz with undercurrents of reggae and soul are all accounted for here and supported by audibly strong musicianship, interesting arrangements, and well-crafted, intelligent songwriting.”

“I think our individual musical tastes and backgrounds make this band appear like a bit of a science experiment on paper” says Spooner with a laugh. “We certainly never got together to blueprint out the specific kind of band we aimed to be like perhaps a bluegrass, reggae, or a jam band would. Our influences just seemed to seep into the mix organically, and things got more interesting as we added new members. I think this diversity has been an asset in the end and it’s made us welcome at a huge variety of venues and festivals…we’re as welcome at a jam band festival as we are at a folk festival, a Triple A pop radio event. or even a big blues show.”
Courtesy of Gretsch Guitars

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