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Aa a part of our 6th floor amenity program, Hotel Vermont’s Signature Scent, “Uplift”, has been exclusively designed in collaboration with Lunaroma to infuse the pleasure and benefits of aromatherapy into your stay with us.

We’ve combined the pure essential oils of expansive, fresh Pine, balancing Lavender, and clearing Grapefruit to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for a day of exploration. This blend allows you to soak in the essence of Vermont from the comfort of your room, giving you space to unwind, relax, and recenter.

If you are staying with us on the 6th floor, we kindly ask that you please leave the essential oil vial for the next guest to enjoy. If you’d like to bring it home, the front desk has full vials available for purchase.

This oil was designed with multiple uses in mind! Add a few drops to your skin, car vents, lotion, or a tissue to place under your pillow. This diffuser blend is not intended for internal use, please keep away from children.



  1. Remove the top of the diffuser by twisting the top and bottom pieces.
  2. Fill your diffuser with water and add drops of aromatherapy diffuser oil to the water. We recommend 40ml of water with 6-7 drops of oil.
  3. Dispense drops by flipping the vial upside down over the water and tapping the bottom of the glass with your index finger. Each tap equals 1 drop. Note: Shaking the vial alone does not work, so be sure to tap!
  4. Put the lid back on the diffuser. Align the two small gray dots to lock into place.
  5. Turn the diffuser on by using the buttons on the bottom. Hold the button for a moment to activate. Press again to adjust the time settings.
  6. Relax and enjoy.