HVT X S14 Stories
April 3, 2019

A Summer's Day

Vermont might be most known for its autumn foliage and ski runs, but summers here can be just as enchanting. The season is short and constantly changing from
fireflies in June and July, to blueberry picking in August. Each month has something special to offer.

On a typical summer’s day you might head to one of the many gorges for a refreshing dip or take the canoe out on a pond for an evening paddle. You could walk through a lush green forest or hike above the treeline for a view of the rolling hills and valleys. If you’re lucky you might spot a fox, bear, moose, or one of the many animals roaming wild throughout the forests of the state.

I could go on and on about fun things to do and the amazing things you might see in the Vermont summer, but I’d rather show you. Here’s a collection of images from last year that give you a glimpse into the natural beauty of the season.

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