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DuPont & Deluca

Friday, June 14th 2019

Live in the lobby 9 pm - 11 pm.

Join us in the lobby on Friday, June 14th for DuPont & Deluca from 9 pm – 11 pm.

About DuPont & Deluca:

“Zack DuPont is a Burlington, VT based songwriter, guitarist and producer. Poetic lyrical imagery, finger style guitar work and a comforting-humorous stage presence creates a working landscape in which DuPont dwells. Matt Deluca joins in on a minimalist style, homemade percussion kit; the perfect addition of rhythmic accompaniment and key in creating a huge collective sound out of just two musicians. The duo flows from song to song guided by the freedom of improvisation.  The sounds are a mixture of the wide array of influences in which DuPont & Deluca draw from. Jazz, world, soul, roots, folk and americana all make their way into the music.”